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Florida Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Workouts

Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., Attorneys 

Winter Park Florida real estate attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan are partners at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L.

Eric has practiced Florida law since 1976; Roddy since 2007. Together the Lanigans help clients resolve legal problems in Florida real estate, Florida bankruptcy and Florida mortgage refinancing. 

The Lanigans offer litigation and negotiation working directly with clients to be the turning point in the lives of Florida families and individuals.

The Lanigans have handled thousands of Florida bankruptcies and foreclosures.

They’ve handled class action lawsuits, complex commercial and financial real estate transactions and litigation. 

The Lanigans provide the resources of large law firm and the personal attention of a family law firm.

Lanigan and Lanigan are experienced attorneys who provide aggressive representation with a personal touch.

Florida Real Estate Attorneys Florida attorneys Roddy and Eric Lanigan.



If you know that your business is failing, don’t wait to schedule a meeting with a Florida bankruptcy attorney.

Sitting around and thinking about what you don’t know or can’t figure out, is not the action that will turn your business around.

The sooner you act, the more options you’ll be able to consider. 

If you think that a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the answer, you could be right. But if you’re wrong and you’ve made a rash decision to “save” your business or your financial future, you can’t turn back.

Instead, explain the situation, the debts, the creditor demands to an experienced Florida bankruptcy lawyer.

Is Chapter 11 bankruptcy what you should use to save your business? 

Real Estate

If you’re buying Florida real estate it doesn’t matter if you live in California, New York, Hong Kong, Spain, India, South America, or anywhere else: you need a top Florida real estate attorney experienced in negotiations and land issues to review contracts before you sign.

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Mortgage Workouts

Mortgage Workouts

What is a Mortgage Workout? A mortgage workout is a renegotiated mortgage with actions and options provided to banks to create new terms. There is usually a foreclosure that could occur due to late payments, however, this is not always the case.

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Bankruptcy occurs among people of all ages and at all levels of income. Bankruptcy is an option and a process for many people to alleviate debt no matter how it has occurred. It’s important to have a serious attorney when you go into Federal Court to file bankruptcy in Florida.

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Real Estate

The Lanigans work with Florida residential and commercial property owners and investors in Florida land.

Eric and Roddy  have clients who are Florida real estate investors and Florida land and homeowners in Asia, Europe, Russia, South America and the U.S.

Hiring an attorney immediately to handle your Florida real estate transactions, negotiations and contracts may prevent what could become long and expensive litigation. Everybody likes to say they’ll sue but any lawsuit quickly becomes financially prohibitive.

Mortgage Workouts

Florida was No. 1 in the U.S. for foreclosures from 2007 to 2014.

In 2015, the Florida courts handle foreclosure lawsuits differently than in the past.

Don’t listen to people who may have stayed in their homes for years. Their financial situation is nothing like yours, nor should you take foreclosure advice from anyone but an experienced Florida real estate attorney.

You may have been able to pay your mortgage in tough times, but with a change in your personal finances, maybe a mortgage workout is an alternative to a foreclosure lawsuit.

Maybe you can save your home or property, maybe you can’t. It’s what you do when you know there’s a problem that will matter. Could a mortgage workout be an alternative for your property? Find out and call a lawyer.

The Best Florida Attorney

Choosing the best Florida attorney to handle your Florida real estate, bankruptcy or mortgage workout issue may be the deciding factor between your financial success or failure. 

The Lanigans can manage and resolve complicated commercial and residential real estate transactions, bankruptcy or mortgage workouts.

Choose your attorney wisely. Your attorney may make the difference in recovering value on an investment or losing a property, filing bankruptcy or financial reorganization.

A lawyer knows what you may not and by listening to the range all the options you can see what’s available to you before making a final decision.

The choice you make can mean everything to you, your family and your future. When you get that sinking feeling that comes with the threat of losing everything you’ve worked for, your income or your investments, don’t panic. Take the time to get an legal opinion by meeting with the Lanigans.

Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L. Experienced Attorneys, Aggressive Representation With a Personal Touch.