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7 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Florida Foreclosure Attorney

The only way to save a home from foreclosure after receiving a lis pendens proclaiming the start of a foreclosure is by hiring the most experienced Florida foreclosure attorney possible.

The Foreclosure Defense is Unique to Every Case

There are many methods for approaching a foreclosure defense and only a competent Florida foreclosure defense attorney will be familiar with and able to tackle complex situations.

There is not one simple foreclosure defense: a foreclosure defense is built and established by what the foreclosure attorney finds in the paperwork and the research. Some foreclosure cases are settled out of court. Some foreclosure cases require litigation in different courts.

Success Comes From Handling Many Cases

It’s important to hire a Florida foreclosure defense attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the range of issues, challenges, landmark cases and most important: the rules of evidence and foreclosure litigation.

Vast Knowledge of the Rules of Evidence Which Decide Every Case

Eric has handled many types of cases over the years. Only one thing is the same in court and that is what the evidence will prove. In foreclosure defense the evidence is found in the paperwork held by the property owner from the start to finish of the foreclosure.

Find the Money for Foreclosure Defense: You Get What You Pay For

While it may be difficult to find the funds for a top attorney when money is tight, and debt is high, a skilled, tactical, tough foreclosure defense attorney will be invaluable.

Instead of price shopping for the lowest cost, compare the defense plans offered by attorneys you talk to. Remember that you’ll get the foreclosure defense that you pay for. An excellent attorney will cost more. At issue is a family home or property. In order for a homeowner to retain the property a complex and thorough foreclosure defense must be waged by the most qualified attorney you can hire.

Florida Foreclosure Law Change June 2013

Foreclosure is a difficult road for homeowners in Florida because the state in June 2013 changed its foreclosure law which speeds the process and places the defense in the corner of the homeowner.

Previously, banks had to prove the right to be able to foreclose on delinquent homeowners. Now, in short, the lender has to sue the borrower to get an order to foreclose. 

Late Payments Cause Foreclosure

The fact the lender has on its side: the mortgage payments are in arrears forcing the foreclosure. Unless there’s a defense for not paying the mortgage found in the 30 to 50 page mortgage, the foreclosure can proceed.

The only thing between foreclosure and home ownership when payments are late is a supremely skilled and experienced Florida foreclosure attorney.

The manner by which a home can be saved is through a carefully researched case that begins with an extensive review of paperwork. Foreclosure is a paperwork-heavy case.

Hire an attorney with the integrity to review all the mortgage and foreclosure information with the intensity needed. Find out if there’s a clear knowledge of all facets of the foreclosure process from beginning to end.

Interview several Florida foreclosure attorneys. Find out what the recommended action will be after an initial meeting to review your case.

An experienced Florida foreclosure attorney will recognize an error in paperwork and know what to do with it. A new attorney, an inexperienced attorney, an attorney who practices in other areas of the law may not realize or be able to identify an error as readily.

Paper Trail Will Lead to a Defense

Foreclosure is a paperwork-heavy area of the law. Reviewing, reading and investigating paperwork for errors is a major part of the defense. The elements found in a homeowner’s paperwork will lead to a defense so hold onto all the mail, letters, faxes. Keep notes and dates from any phone calls with the lender. Don’t make promises, don’t do anything without the advice of the foreclosure attorney.

If a homeowner has established what they believe to be a relationship with a loan or bank representative, turn the contact and communication over to your foreclosure defense attorney.

Consulting with experienced Florida foreclosure attorney Eric Lanigan and partner Roddy Lanigan will open your eyes to what your foreclosure case will entail. Call 407-740-7379.

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