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How Much Does Foreclosure Defense Cost?

Florida real estate lawyer Eric Lanigan understands the financial pressure homeowners feel when they ask ‘how much does foreclosure defense cost’?

Sounds Good: How Much Does Foreclosure Defense Cost?

“Before anything, before you come in, you’ve thought about the foreclosure defenses that have been talked about,” Lanigan said. “Then you’re thinking to yourself next, well what’s it going to cost me? Can I afford it? 

“Hiring a lawyer is a big expense, so if I’m in your shoes, one of the questions that would be on my mind right now is, well, all of that sounds great, but how much is it going to cost me? Can I afford to do it?” Lanigan said.

Being acutely aware of that situation, the Lanigans have developed some very unique ways to handle the cost of foreclosure action from a financial standpoint.

“I can tell you that we’ve designed plans that are very successful to allow people to do the type of the things that we’ve been talking about in terms of foreclosure defense in a way that has a very fixed and economical cost to you the client.

“Being acutely aware of the economic realities, we knew that we needed to design a business model that allowed us to represent clients in an effective foreclosure defense in a way that had a fixed, affordable cost to the client. So we fell very good about the plan that we’ve put together to allow people to effectively defend a foreclosure action at an affordable fixed cost.”

Not One Foreclosure Case is Alike or the Same

Everyone may not realize that everyone’s case, financial situation, economic circumstance is very different. Your loan came from a different bank. The amount of your mortgage is unique. Your home location, the city, the county in Florida is different. You may want to fight for your home, while someone else may not be sure if fighting for the home is the right thing for their particular circumstance. 

Regardless of your situation, forget about what you think that YOU can do to stop the foreclosure. You can’t, you won’t be able to, and no amount of begging, pleading and negotiation with the bank will halt the foreclosure process. 

Do not try to be a hero and handle foreclosure on your own without an attorney. The bank has some of the best negotiators in the business. They know all the regulations, they know all the tricks in the books, they know how to appeal to your decency. They will prey on your emotional state, the vulnerability that you will no doubt share with them. 

What NOT to Do on Your Own 

The average homeowner who is in default is like an open book or an open wound; you’re in a lot of pain and your life may feel tumultuous with the prospect of losing the family or your first home. 

You should never agree to anything in writing, on the phone, in the office with the bank’s attorney. Don’t call in and see what you can work out because you will lose every time. You’ll give up the negotiating chips in the first conversation. 

Instead, don’t answer the phone, don’t call in, don’t go to the bank to have a sit down. If you have received foreclosure papers, get immediately to an attorney, an experienced real estate law and specifically foreclosure attorney. 

The attorney you choose should have defended many foreclosures and have extensive foreclosure litigation experience to be able to successfully defend your foreclosure. The laws and regulations are complex. 

Do Not Procrastinate When You Get Foreclosure Papers

This is not a time for procrastination. Get legal advice and don’t wait. Don’t sit around and talk about ironing it all out as a family on the weekend. 

If you’ve been served foreclosure papers, you have a very limited time within which to file a formal response with the courts. This is not a time for procrastination. Don’t wait, get legal counsel now. Set an appointment with Eric Lanigan in the Winter Park, Florida, office for a consultation by calling 407-740-7379. 

Remember one thing: the worst thing you can do is to do nothing. If you’ve been served papers, get legal advice, get it now.

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