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Be Aware of Common Florida Real Estate Scams

Property owners and buyers need to be aware of common Florida real estate scams and the tricks used to lure and take advantage of people in the worst financial times. Real estate scams are rampant in Florida in the best of economic times. Criminals work hard to appear professional and will falsify paperwork, request confidential […]

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Don’t Fall Prey to Foreclosure Scam Artists

While tempting to talk to people who seem to be official and offer genuine help with your foreclosure, don’t fall prey to foreclosure scam artists. It is tempting when someone promises to help those who can no longer pay for dream homes, be very cautious and know that scam artists are out there who will offer […]

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Finding the Best Florida Foreclosure Attorney

Florida foreclosure defense cases can become very complex and require finding the best Florida foreclosure attorney is critical. The 12 to 36 month waiting periods before going to court have ended with the new Florida foreclosure defense law made in June 2013. Foreclosure law has closed the amount of time and makes the need for […]

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Bank Dealings That Have Caused Lawsuits

Bank dealings that have caused lawsuits continue as homeowners, city governments and investors file lawsuits to recoup their losses from banks across the U.S. Some of The Bank Dealings That Have Caused Lawsuits in the U. S. Citigroup to Pay Homeowners Forced to Buy Insurance $110 Million Citigroup will have to pay $110 million to […]

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More Fraud Damages From Bank of America

The last week of January 2014, the U.S. seeks more fraud damages from Bank of America over fraud committed by Countrywide in 2008. Bank of America was asked to pay more than it had bargained for after a federal New York jury found Bank of America and a former Countrywide executive guilty of fraud in […]

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Lawsuits by Madoff Victims, Veterans, Homeowners

Nationally, more lawsuits against banks are entering the court system as banks juggle lawsuits by Madoff victims, veterans, homeowners and others. Banks Juggle Lawsuits by Madoff Victims, Veterans, Homeowners Lawsuit Dropped When Morgan Stanley Insider Can’t Pay Morgan Stanley dropped additional lawsuits against a former New York employee who used insider tips he received from […]

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Veteran Sues Bank Over Foreclosure

While fighting foreclosure to stay in his home, a California veteran sues bank over foreclosure citing dual tracking by Chase was illegal. Foreclosure lawsuits by banks have forced homeowners out of homes across the country. While many people ignore the foreclosure paperwork and let the foreclosure happen, others fight the foreclosure.  Eric Lanigan and Roddy […]

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How Much Does Foreclosure Defense Cost?

Florida real estate lawyer Eric Lanigan understands the financial pressure homeowners feel when they ask ‘how much does foreclosure defense cost’? Sounds Good: How Much Does Foreclosure Defense Cost? “Before anything, before you come in, you’ve thought about the foreclosure defenses that have been talked about,” Lanigan said. “Then you’re thinking to yourself next, well […]

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Real Estate Scammers Prey on Foreclosed Homeowners

If you are facing foreclosure in Florida be aware that real estate scammers prey on foreclosed homeowners so be cautious of anyone who offers to help. “A difficult national and Florida economy brings out the worst in criminals,” said Winter Park, Florida, real estate attorney Eric Lanigan of Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L., “No matter how […]

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Foreclosure Battles, Bank Lawsuits Have Just Begun

The housing and financial crisis struck Florida hard in 2007, but the foreclosure battles, bank lawsuits have just begun. Seven years later, as Americans reflect on job loss, spending habits, homes lost to foreclosure, credit ratings dropped by bankruptcy; recovery, for the average person is not easy. The nation’s big six banks and lenders, however, […]

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