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Florida real estate transactions attorneyProtect Real Estate Interests

Work with experienced real estate attorney Eric Lanigan or Roddy Lanigan to handle Florida real estate closings, real estate transactions and negotiations, real estate attorney contract reviews to protect your interest in any real estate purchase or real estate sale.

Hire a real estate attorney review a real estate contract before you buy or sell Florida property to prevent a surprise or an omission that could lead to expensive litigation if you leave yourself and or your business exposed.

If you’re buying Florida real estate and you’re a resident from another U.S. state like California, New York, it’s a wise decision to have a Florida real estate attorney. Real estate laws vary from state to state. 

When investing in Florida property as a resident from another country Hong Kong, Spain, India, South America, France, Russia, etc., you need a Florida real estate attorney to properly handle your Florida real estate transactions. Real estate laws for international transactions take knowledge that comes only from experience.

Talk with a top Florida real estate attorney experienced in real estate negotiations, real estate transactions, and Florida real estate law to review contracts before you sign. The real estate attorney you hire could save you from litigation, loss of income, loss of revenue, headaches and fraud. 

Florida Real Estate: Buyers Beware

Real Estate Transactions Lawyer

“In no state does the phrase ‘let the buyer beware’ ring more true than in Florida real estate,” said Florida real estate attorney Eric Lanigan of Lanigan and Lanigan attorneys in Winter Park Florida. 

Buying or selling Florida commercial or residential property, investing in a vacation or rental home should be a financial, not an emotional decision. Since 2007 when foreclosures swept Florida, real estate investment success is be dependent upon knowing where the valuable properties are located, and being certain that the property is solid and not faulty.

 Florida Natives Who Know Lay of the Land

Florida natives and real estate attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan of Winter Park, Florida, know all about the land and structural problems that Florida properties may encompass. The Lanigans understand and regularly litigate in real estate. The Lanigans are knowledgeable in Florida real estate law, trickery and financial games that can affect buyers who invest blindly in Florida property.

Buying Florida Real Estate for Profit

“Buying Florida commercial or residential land, an investment property, commercial buildings for your business…it’s all very exciting when you land in the sunshine state,” Eric Lanigan said. “And, yes, Florida real estate may become profitable. But just as many real estate deals cause losses so great that businesses and individuals cannot recover. That’s how foreclosure issues got out of control in Florida.”

Just because a realtor, a mortgage company, a title company tells you “this is an incredible opportunity,” you should always have a Florida real estate lawyer look at your contract. Always. Hiring a qualified Florida real estate, you spend a few hundred dollars to protect yourself from litigation that could cost you many thousands down the line.

Florida real estate attorneyYou will not truly know if you’re buying in the best location unless you’ve done your research long before you arrive in Florida. Florida neighborhoods can change block by block. Two blocks in one direction may take you into “the right rental property” vs. “a retirement neighborhood” vs. “a family neighborhood” vs. an “established Old Florida neighborhood.” 

Does the property have a sinkhole in its future? Is there black mold hiding within the walls, the floors, the ceilings? Is there hurricane water damage on the walls, ceiling, floors? What about a termite or bug infestation? The weather wreaks havoc on buildings in Florida and all buyers don’t know what they’ve never experienced. 

Even Florida residents and businesses get taken advantage of because of the many weather and land issues that surround property in the Sunshine State. The weather here is hot, humid and very unpredictable. In commercial real estate deals, there’s a hell of a lot that goes on before you get to the closing. The contract should be anti-climactic. But it can become a nightmare if you discover regulation violations at the last minute.