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Do You File for Bankruptcy or File for Divorce, First?

Legal Issues of Filing Bankruptcy Before or After Divorce Divorce is one of the most painful events in an individual’s life. Usually, financial instability precedes a divorce. As a matter of fact, financial distress is considered one of the biggest causes for divorce. A married couple can divorce each other but they cannot shrug off the [...]

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Kodak’s Bankruptcy Actions Will Keep it in Business

Eastman Kodak Company filed for bankruptcy in January and today said it’s taking responsibility for approximately $30 million in its business exit. By filing bankruptcy, Kodak said it expects to generate annual operating savings of more than $100 million. Roddy and Eric Lanigan are Orlando bankruptcy attorneys who help Florida businesses needing to file a [...]

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There Are Mortgage Lenders Available After Bankruptcy

The first thing that clients of Orlando bankruptcy attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan ask after a bankruptcy is final is how long before you can get new credit? Generally speaking, credit can be rebuilt, carefully, patiently, strategically within two years and with careful management. Find a reputable credit repair and counseling resource to guide [...]

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Finding the Right Bankruptcy Attorney For You

Facing bankruptcy can often be embarrassing or humiliating for individuals or business owners who fearlessly strove to succeed financially. Even approaching a bankruptcy law office for the first time can be a daunting experience. The walk from the parking lot or the street into the building can cause anxiety and fear. Whether you’re facing Chapter 13 [...]

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Orlando Bankruptcy Attorneys Generally Stick to Set Fees

State courts set ceilings and guidelines on rates lawyers can charge for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but most lawyers set a price and stick to it. Orlando bankruptcy attorneys Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan have a set fee for filing bankruptcies and state the costs upfront in the first [...]

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Small, Medium, Large Businesses

When deciding options available to a business facing heavy debts, losses and corporate bankruptcy, owners and managers have to weigh process and path to provide resolutions for a corporation. Orlando bankruptcy attorneys Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan see the many economic challenges that small, medium and large Florida businesses face. All relationships begin with a [...]

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Florida Businesses

In both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy provisions are made for redistributing assets to repay creditors. But Orlando bankruptcy attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan adhere to state exemption rules to help owners and individuals retain what is rightfully theirs. On occasion business liquidation services may be required. Secured creditors are paid first, [...]

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Post-Bankruptcy Home or Property Buying Challenges

Anyone who wants to buy a home after bankruptcy can do so however it will take approximately two years after filing to be able to qualify. Orlando bankruptcy attorneys Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan have seen people with loans as soon as six weeks after a bankruptcy was completed. While every individual and company varies, [...]

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Build Your Credit Score After Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Demonstrating that you can build good credit scores after bankruptcy become a debtor’s challenge. Credit scores announce to prospective lenders that a former Chapter 13 petitioner is a responsible bill payer who can be fully trusted to repay loans. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a quick fix for indebtedness, but a long range resolution toward [...]

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Deciding on a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Deciding who to hire as your personal bankruptcy lawyer to file a Chapter 7, or Chapter 11 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a very important second step. The first step is deciding which chapter of the federal bankruptcy code best suits a situation. With slight variations there are procedures and variances in Chapter 7, [...]

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